Monday, June 9, 2014

New changes

This last week I have started having small headaches again.  I have to
be really careful, because they can quickly go into a full blown
migraine.  Mine get very bad.  So I have to take meds then slow down
to make sure that doesn't happen.

Sunday, my husband and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary.  We went out
to dinner on Saturday.  But we also spent the day at my family
property getting it ready for the summer.  We took in a big box
to hold all our camping equipment, so we don't have
to haul it up and down the mountain every time we want to 
go camping.  I took some pictures of some flowers around camp, these are just
a few of my favorites.

As of new changes, I'm wanting to get more things worked on during
the day than just one project here and one project there.
So I have decided to work on one project for an
hour then switch to another the next hour.  I have alarms set
so I know when to change.  I felt like I was able to 
work on a lot more today.  I did get 2 name tags bond.  But that was all
that got completed.  I'm OK with that, because there were several 
things that got worked on.  I feel better.  Maybe the hour is not the best time.
I may need to push it to 2 hours, but I'm going to give it one week.
Here are some pictures of what I did today.

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