Thursday, May 15, 2014

Portable Ironing Board

I need a small ironing board to use while I was sitting at the couch.  So I needed to find a piece of wood.  I was walking out of my food storage room and looked down and there was this nice piece of pine.  The perfect size.  You don't want to use pressed board because when it gets hot it releases toxins from the glue that is used to seal all the wood together.  You don't have to use pine, you just need a hard wood.

I used some old scraps big enough to cover around to the back.  Then I found some old batting that I wasn't going to use in a quilt that was laying around.  You don't want it to be to thick so you can have the hardness of the wood to help press.
I cut away the excess batting from the sides so that it would be easier to wrap around the sides.  Then I used tacks to attach it in the back.  I made sure the corners were secure.  it was really easy and has come in handy for a table also.  I'm so glad I made it!

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