Monday, April 14, 2014

Patchwork Posse Six Stars are Better than One Block #10

UPDATE!  This block won the week contest!
So I worked hard on this block.  I really learned how to get my points right.  It wasn't easy.  Lots of half square triangles.  Which I have a lot of.  So this will be great to use for.

I started with the red fabric and pulled the others together.  I only went with 4 fabrics.  I just couldn't find another pink and orange that would work with this.  I decided to put a red square in the center to help balance the whole square.  I really like this square.  I don't know if I l would like a whole quilt with these colors.  But I think a quilt using this block several time in different colors could really be fun.

I love half square triangles so I think I will use the star block a lot.

The setup of the small stars


Grab button for Patchwork Posse Round Robin

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