Thursday, January 23, 2014

Quilting a Quilt for Customers

I love quilting on my long-arm.  There are so many ways to attach a quilt to the long-arm.  I have done it several ways, but have gone back to the original way of pinning.  I can have it all loaded within 15 minutes.  It just seems too work the best for me.
This new quilt I have decided to add two layers of batting in it.  The quilt is for a child, she brought over poly-bat.  I told her what I learned in a class from a well know quilter last year.  That is that poly-bat will melt in a fire.  Which means a child caught under that blanket it will melt right on them.  She told us if a quilt is ever done for a child, you should never use poly-bat.  Therefore, I try to educate my customers then let them make that decision.  She decided to take the poly-bat back, but wanted it thicker than the single 80/20 that I currently have.  That is why I'm using 2 layers.
The backing wasn't wide enough so I had to add 4" muslin pieces to the sides.  It is very important to have 4" extra all the way around on your backing.  The quilt is loaded and ready to go.  I'm quilting it edge to edge, because she said not to do anything fancy.  It was just for and 8 year.  I have a splash pattern that looks like flowers and certain areas.  I got the pattern from Anne  I love her patterns.  It is finished.  She loved it.  It is fun doing quilts for customers.
Here is a picture of it on the frame.

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  1. Nice work on a pretty quilt. I look forward to more posts. Deanna