Saturday, January 11, 2014

The commissioned quilt

I was asked by my mother to make an over-sized California king quilt for her bed, back in October.  She had no pattern in mind and just asked that I use the color grey.  I stumbled for several days with the ideas of which line I could go with or just go scrappy or go batiks.  Then I decided to ask her for
a little more direction.  Did she have a picture or other furniture in the room that could help?  She sent me this picture.
After seeing this picture I decided to go with batik fabrics.  I love their shades and patterns.  Not to mention the all different colors that there are.  I picked 18 different batik colors.  A light turquoise and gray splatter for the center block.  Two different types of blues for the main parts of  the blocks.  And a solid gray Kona for the corners.  The borders are 2 different gray batiks.  Of course the a gray batik backing and leftover binding.
Shortly after that I became ill and unable to work on it for about 2 months.  I worked on it here and there, but with little progress.  I finally started cutting and sewing the first of December.  Then holidays came so little work was done.
Now it is the first of January and I have half the quilt blocks done.  I'm working on the second set of blocks now.  These blocks will also go around the outside of the quilt but cut in half and in between each of the circles.  I don't want to cut the blocks in half yet until I have all the rows individual sewn together to make sure I have everything right.  The biggest problem is making sure we don't get the same colors next to each other.
The pattern is called Playground, was designed by Denise Russart.  It was done in a lot smaller scale.  So I had a little figuring to do.

These are the circle blocks.
And these are square blocks that will go in between the circle.
I have been sewing non-stop since Monday March 30 getting this quilt and other projects together.  I am sewing the rows together right now.  We bought the backing and the batting.  I have the quilt design figured out.  So I need to finish sewing the rows, put the borders on, load, practice, quilt, and bind.  Then block, take pictures and enter it in the show.  To my relief I got an email today the extended the entry deadline one more week.  Thank you!   But I still need to push!


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