Saturday, February 22, 2014

Block collection

I joined a group were we give her the total number of blocks that we have made during that month on the last of the month.  For the month of January I made 210 blocks.  I turned in my block number, but I didn't tell what I made them for.  Most of the blocks were for my batik quilt.  It is a over size king quilt.  The other quilts where for my Valentine's quilt.  I thought I would get a couple quilts put together with this number, but I only got 1 quilt completed.
For the month of February I put together another 135 square.  These blocks are from my leader ender project.  I just have a stack of squares that I want to put together for project that I want to do down the road.  They have no set project for now. 
So that you can find out more about the 350 Project you can go to her website at .  I love keeping track of what I do, because I can see that I have accomplished things.  Now I need to get my quilts put together.  The more I get done the better I feel.

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  1. You'll have 350 within a few days! You're really tearin' it up! That's a lot of sewing!