Monday, April 7, 2014

Block and Project Catch Ups

I have had so much on my mind that I have had a difficult time sleeping the last week.  So I have spent my nights sewing and reading blogs.  Friday was my Kaffe and Friend class.  In class we got 5 more block to do for the month of April.  So that will keep me busy this month.  I am working on the Patchwork Posse Around Robin Blocks.  I get a new one each week.  I have a BOM for my guild.  I hadn't gone to January's or February meeting so I had to get those blocks done also.  I also had a block for the Guild quilt to get done.  Plus I'm trying to get a quilt ready for the quilt show.  The deadline was April 11th, but the just extended it to the 20th.  That really helped.  So that is what I have been doing ever since Wednesday last week.  So let look at the projects.

Patchwork Posse Around Robin Block #9 and The Hash Tag Block

Block #9

Hash Tag Block

Guild Mystery Blocks & Block For Guild Quilt

Jan Wheels

Practice Block

Guild Block

 Commission Quilt Top Before The Border Put On

I have to get the borders on this quilt today and start quilting it this weekend.  Then make the sleeve and label.  Bind it.  Take pictures and enter it into the HMQS show.  I can't wait.

Now it's on to cutting 2 1/2" blocks to make 10 sets of 100 different fabrics.  I have to mail them off by the 15th of April.  Then I get 10 sets sent back to me.  I am waiting for my 1 1/2" sets to come.  I am starting to plan my quilt to use those block.  Now I get to work on a quilt to use these blocks.

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