Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pincushion Exchange

I am taking part in a pincushion exchange hosted by Bea over at Beaquilter.  We make a pincushion for the month of April and May and send it out to two different people.  So today I made my pincushion.  I have the lovely lady named Karyn to give to.  She loves large pincushions.  I had the perfect one in mind.

Flower Layout
The Final Layout

I have always wanted to try wool, so I thought this would be a great chance to try it out.  I drew pieces for a flower on freezer paper.  Then put it on the color of wool I wanted to use.  I cut out the shapes.  I places these pieces on a Lite Heat and Bond.  Just enough to hold it on the wool so I could sew it on.  Then I ironed it onto the yellow in the pattern I wanted it.  Anything that would be laying on top of something I waited to put that on until I had sewn the bottom pieces on.

I picked out colors of thread that matched the wool.  Then I just straight stitched everything on.  Then stitched the yellow piece a blue piece of wool.  I put that with right sides together and sewed a 1/2" seam.  Turned it right side out.
Crushed Walnuts
I filled it with crushed walnuts.  I have done a lot of reading on how to sharpen pins and you need to have pincushions filled with crushed walnuts to sharpen them.  So I purchased this at Petco for $8.00. I only used about a cup.  This will go a long way.  But with my long arming pinning and all the sewing I need to keep my pins sharp.

So here is the finished pincushion for Karyn.  I am also sending her so fun pins that I have made.  I hope that she likes them.  I enjoy making them.  I think I have found a new relaxing thing to do in the evenings.  I will make some pincushions and pins that I can give away to others.  Plus have for this exchange.

The Final Pincushion

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