Monday, May 12, 2014

1 1/2" Block Exchange

I have been participating in a Postage Stamp Exchange for 1 1/2" blocks and 2 1/2" blocks.  It is a Facebook group.  There are 3 different exchanges a year.  You can sign up for 1 to 25 sets.  Each set contains 100 blocks and cannot contain any repeat fabrics.  I signed up for 10 sets of the first exchange of the 1 1/2" blocks and have just received my blocks.  I am now over the 1 1/2" blocks exchanges.  I would love to have more people get involved in the exchange.

These are all the blocks that I received for the March Exchange.

 This is what I do with my block when I receive them.  I sort them by colors.  Not every batch is the same, because I don't always get turquoise or black.

I have designed a few blocks to help people see some fun ways to use these blocks.  I will give a few tutorials in a week are two.  But for now enjoy these pictures.  The biggest thing that I have learned with scrap quilts is use opposites.  Like a dark than a light next to each other.  This really helps the patterns form if that is what you are trying to get.


X Marks The Spot

Twisted 16 (I know my triangles are not the right size.  I just did this to show you.)

 Super Sized X (follow the dark colors)

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