Wednesday, May 21, 2014

EQ7 Jump Start Sew Along: Block 2

I have so many things to get done this week, so I got this done first thing Monday morning.
First I pick fabrics from my color tones.  I kept one fabric that was the same
 from my first block.

I cut out all the pieces needed from each fabric.  Then matched up the fabrics
for the HST.  For these blocks I marked from  corner to corner.  Then sewed
along that line.

Before I a 1/4" from the seam I made sure I was getting the 
correct cut.  Why?  Because I had directional fabric.  If you have 
directional fabric you want to make sure that it is going the 
correct way, so always check before cut.  The old saying

"Measure twice cut once."

Well, I think we need to 

"Look twice and cut once."

So here is the final product.  For full instructions on this block
you can go to their link EQ7 blog.

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