Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sheet or Not to Sheet?

Sheet or Not to Sheet?
That is the question.  I have done some research on using sheets.  When I first got my long-arm I was short on money but needed to practice.  I went out and bought some cheap muslin.  And it was cheap.  Then I went to the thrift store and bought sheets and used them to practice on.  I make quilt sandwiches to practice on.  I make sure my tension is OK and practice designs.

Here are some other reasons why you should not use them:

1 - The count in the sheets are so high that it makes them really hard to work with.  The weave is stiff.

2 - As the needle comes down, the threads are unable move out of the way.  Instead, the needle pierces the threads and breaks them.  Over time this will create a hole in the quilt.  With all the time we put into piecing and quilting our quilts we don't want this to happen.

For these reasons I have chosen to not use sheets on the backs of my quilts.  I will use them to practice with.  But something that I am going to spend time to quilt and want to the quilt to last.  Therefore I will not use sheets for backing. 

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