Wednesday, May 7, 2014

April Block Count

April was a slow month for putting blocks together.
I spent a lot of time on the computer getting the business put together.  There were some blocks that I did get put together.  So here is the count.

I started doing some blocks that were posted on Patchwork Posse's blog.  They host 12 bloggers that design blocks for a quilt.  They have a new block each week.  I really liked the  blocks, so I joined in.  I have some catch-up to do.  I will get these finished this summer.  But I got 6 blocks finished.  That's one 6 that I need to do to get the quilt finished.

I did 5 blocks for my guild's mystery quilt.  Then I finished 5 for the Kaffe class that I'm taking.  I started a wool applique BOM.  I finished 1 block there.  Then I have my wonderful leader enders, where I finished 96.

So my total for April is 113.  This is for the block count report over at Prairie Moon Quilts.

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