Saturday, May 17, 2014

EQ7 Jump Start Sew Along: Block 1

I have only had EQ7 for 2 years, but that 1st year I never used it.  I tried to do the 1st one, but my mind was in another area of life.  So I'm going to do this one.  Then go right into their one from last year.

So I quickly started followed all their directions which you can find on their blog at
behind the mouse the electronic quilt blog.  The quilt along is titled EQ7 Jump Start.

Then I started playing with colors.  I do play with fabrics if I have fabrics close to those that I have installed on my computer.  You need to remember that you can download fabrics and also add fabrics from the fabric library.  I just wanted to be quick, so I went with colors and pulled from my stash that matched those tones.

These are my fabrics.  Yes, I did start sewing before I grabbed a picture.  I did it before I got to far though.

I don't pin to much, but I pin my seams.  Why?  I like my seams to match.  I have tried many ways and have found that if you cross pin it holds the seam together better.  The other thing is, you either pull the pin out just before you get to the pin.  If you see how I placed my pins you have already sewn those seams together.  But this really does not create a speed bump as people have called them.

As you can see my seams meet each other.  They are really good friends.

My finally product!

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