Thursday, May 15, 2014

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday

EQ7 Tutorial Thursday
ahhh design

I have done a tutorial for the first time in EQ7.  To make sure I was doing everything right I had Bea's website opened.  I did mine a little different and since this was my first time I will give you almost every step that I took to get there.

 1. Open EQ7 and select new project. Name your project I named my Hillbilly May.  Because we are working with Hillbilly's Ahhhh’s and this is my May project.

2.  Then I went to the Libraries tab.  Selected Layout Library.  Because I don't wanted the smallest project for my first one I went to the cribs and found the pattern that said Thousand Pyramids.  Added it to my sketchbook.

3.  You need to click on the sketchbook and select the pyramid quilt.  Now go the layout screen to make the changes needed.
                    a.  each side 1.5" Because Hillybilly's are 3" on each side (Bea did her's 1.375 because they "look" right.  I also did them that way.)
                    b.  You also need to change the size an Ahhhh design is only 10 wide.  She did hers 30 X 24.
I did mine 36 X 28.  Here's a picture of what the layout should look like.

Now comes the fun part.  The coloring.  I colored mine blue, turquoise and white.  I couldn't resist adding a small patch of red in the middle of one flower.

I had never tried the random recoloring tool before.  In fact I had to try and find it.  You may not know where is is either.  If you left click on the right tool bar there is a window that comes up and says  add/remove buttons.  This is what you need to click on to find it.

This is what I got when I click on my pattern a few times.

I had a lot of fun.  Give it a try.  See what fun pattern Hillbilly has that you can make.  They are not very expensive either!

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